Retain customers and boost revenue with a targeted, relevant loyalty program. Research shows loyalty program customers spend twice as much at their dealership’s service.

That’s not an exaggeration - Performance Loyalty Group, a California marketing company, found that a loyalty program adds $3,904 in service per user on average.

And when people know and trust your brand with their money, where are they going to go to trade in their old car and buy a new one?

That’s right. They’re coming back to your dealership!

That’s what a good loyalty program really does. It’s not just a 'bells and whistles' kind of thing - it’s more of a bread and butter kind of thing...

• Attract and retain loyal customers
A client can easily spend 5 and 6-digit sums in your dealership over the years. How much is that business worth to you?

If you value customers, give them a reason to stay with your brand, tell their friends about it, and trust you with their money. Invest in a great loyalty program.

• Get a leg up on your competition
To the average car buyer, dealerships can look pretty darn similar from the outside. You sell cars - your competitors sell the same cars. You’ve got services - the other guys have services, too.

Loyalty is where you can stand out. 46% of dealers still don’t have a reward program in place. Although almost half of them are planning to implement one soon, it’s not too late to beat them to the punch and get a real, tangible edge over the competition.

• Sell more cars and services
Studies show that a loyalty program user visits your service department 2.82 times per year compared to 1.76 for non-users.

Not only is that more money in the bank - that extra visit is a chance for you to sell them your extra services, old car trade-ins or hot new models.

• Drive more revenue
Can you really afford to leave money on the table at a time like this, when studies are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that loyalty programs just plain work?

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