• Kevin Bone
    Kevin Bone
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  • Jim Yanco
    Jim Yanco
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  • Dan Beres
    Dan Beres
    Executive Vice President
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  • Scott Alan
    Scott Alan
    Vice President of Automotive Division
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  • Greg Simmons
    Greg Simmons
    Chief Financial Officer
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  • Tom Goehring, Jr.
    Tom Goehring, Jr.
    Vice President, Western Region
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  • Jerry Berenstein
    Jerry Berenstein
    Vice President, Northeast
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  • Jim Bone
    Jim Bone
    Vice President, Southeast
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  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez
    Vice President, Central
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  • Bill Senteno
    Bill Senteno
    Regional Vice President
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  • Philip Raum
    Philip Raum
    Vice President, Canada
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  • Adam Kuchyt
    Adam Kuchyt
    Director of Business Development Commercial
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  • Mick Jones
    Mick Jones
    Marketing Advisor
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  • Po Duncan
    Po Duncan
    Marketing Advisor
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  • Melanie Nimori
    Melanie Nimori
    Marketing Advisor
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  • Cathy Milovich
    Cathy Milovich
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  • Sharon Scoles
    Sharon Scoles
    Accounting Assistant
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  • Rose Hanberg
    Rose Hanberg
    Administrative Assistant
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  • Mel Calagday
    Mel Calagday
    Director of Technology
    (949) 716-3636 (office)
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  • Leonard Calagday
    Leonard Calagday
    IT and Technology
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  • Sachdev Singh
    Sachdev Singh
    Software Developer
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  • Alili Olbon
    Alili Olbon
    Sr. Account Coordinator
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  • Joe Reid
    Joe Reid
    Marketing Coordinator
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  • Brian Corner
    Brian Corner
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  • Diana Ravenda
    Diana Ravenda
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  • Megan Steiner
    Megan Steiner
    Web Developer
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  • Jane Birkholz
    Jane Birkholz
    Production Manager
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  • Colette Craig
    Colette Craig
    Data Director
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  • Katie Wade
    Katie Wade
    Data Analyst
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  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee
    Data Coordinator
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  • Heather Rothas
    Heather Rothas
    Marketing Specialist
    (949) 916-7607 (office)
    (949) 291-9642 (cell)


Show your customers you care by putting a card-based marketing system to work for your business. Retain existing customers, recapture lost customers, and acquire new customers in your community. Our campaigns work for every business, every time.


Increase Customer Retention with New Thank You Gift Card from MCD
MyCustomerData launches its newest product, the Thank You Gift Card, designed to enhance customer retention, increase CSI scores and parts and accessory sales. Mailed in less than 14 days from the purchase of a vehicle, the Thank You Gift Card gives customers a reason to visit the dealership prior to their first service. This first visit becomes a positive experience for the customer and begins the process of building loyalty. According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in customer retention boosts profits by 25% -125%.

The Gift Card is available in two options. Either a beautiful, customize gift box or oversized envelope mailer, both can be personalized with your dealership’s name. The Thank You Gift Card also includes an email program designed to keep you in touch with your customer and them up-to-date with their current card usage throughout the life of their card. The Thank You Gift Card is available now. Contact your MyCustomerData representative at 844-623-2273 or visit mcdthankyou.com for a brief video introduction to the program.
Join us at the 16th Digital Conference & Exposition
MyCustomerData is pleased to offer you $100 off your registration for this year's Digital Dealer Conference, May 6 – 8th in Atlantic City, NJ. Just enter code DD16MMC during your registration at DigitalDealerConference.com. Digital Dealer is the premier educational conference and exposition dedicated to Internet and technology solutions for franchise dealers and managers.

The event will showcase over 100 high-intensity sessions and workshops, keynote speakers, peer networking groups, exhibits and much more. Make sure to stop by our booth to learn about our web-based CardCenter™, as well as our various Membership Marketing Programs to help grow your business. Call to schedule a meeting at the show or to request a demo today.
Gift Card Performance is Off the Charts
MCD provided a customized Holiday Gift Card package to interested dealers. The cards mailed in November and December 2013 immediately started drawing huge customer responses. Currently seeing response rates over 20% on customers who had never serviced at the dealership and we are seeing ROI at over 200%. Gift cards are used throughout the year with excellent results. Contact us today for a Gift Card performance sheet to learn more.
New Products on the Way in 2014
As experts in the field of card based marketing, MCD is always looking for ways to help Retain, Recapture and Acquire more customers. Based on research, analysis, performance tracking and your input over the past 12 months, we’ve developed a suite of new products and features that are being launched at the start of 2014. All are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another as well as with our existing award winning programs increasing both sales and service.



  • "Love the presentation of the card, it has great perceived value with the customers. Started out as a service program with good results, but has definitely sold vehicles for us to new clients."
    - Larry Bedell
    GM Audi of Nashua

  • “MyCustomerData cards have been very beneficial to us. Giving the advisors a tremendous up-sell opportunity. Customers like it because they know exactly what they are going to get without having to ask for a discount. MyCustomerData Team Rocks”
    - Octavio Cortes
    Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos

  • "Customers have a cap in their mind on what they want to spend before going to the dealership, but with the Savings Card they spend past that cap."
    - Garland Steiding, Service Manager
    Mercedes-Benz of Oakland

  • “We’re up 138% in CP Revenue this month compared to last year, primarily because of the Savings Card Campaign.”
    - Stan Blank - Service Manager
    Strong Volkswagen

  • “We were unable to close on a 2014 Acura MDX sale. One hour later the person called back because they received an email about the $1,000 Savings Card, which includes $250 off a vehicle purchase. This deal would not have happened without the Savings Card.”
    - John Hoy-Fixed Ops Manager
    Don Carlton Auto Group
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