Card-Based Marketing

Keep, bring back, and get new customers with great customer savings solutions.

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Owner Loyalty Solutions

Build stand-alone or integrated membership solutions to sustain your growth.

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Data-Driven Marketing

Identify and maximize on revenue opportunities with the right kind of data.

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Total Rewards Solutions

Get a tailored customer retention solution for your single or group dealership.

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Win customers over from the start…

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Client Testimonials

MyCustomerData’s Savings Card program is a great closing tool in all situations: vehicle sales, service upsells, and customer concerns or complaints. We use this system on a daily basis and it has definitely made a positive impact on our customers.

Jason Dale

General Manager

With the Savings Card we are now seeing customers spend more money, come in more often, and feel good about their purchase with Wheaton Honda. I would recommend MyCustomerData to anyone looking for a way to improve customer pay sales and retention in service!

Hock Oon Yeap

Service Manager

We’re up 138% in CP revenue this month compared to last year, primarily because of the Savings Card campaign.

Stan Blank

Service Manager

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